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Dueling Guitars at Harbourside Place

Fun with Twenty Flight Rock

Clips From Days Gone By

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Swingabilly music is my favorite!

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The Mighty Flea Circus is a Swingabilly band playing the most toe-tappin'est, heart pumpin'est, partner swingin'est music around!

This 5 piece band will keep the joint jumpin' and blowin' it's top all night long! Playing rug cutting tunes from Jive Era Swing, 50s Rockabilly, Roots, Jump, original material, and music that has stood the test of time, The Mighty Flea Circus delivers a high quality, authentic show that keeps the crowds comin' back for more!

When you hear the rumbling in the distance, and a slight vibration of the ground beneath your feet, you can feel it in your bones that something big is headed your way. When you see the lights, hear the music, and the excitement begins to bubble down deep inside, you know...
The Mighty Flea Circus is coming to town.

The Mighty Flea Circus is a non-stop good time 'Swingabilly' band from Central Florida with one mission: To get you moving!

This five piece well oiled machine blends together a unique take on the Rockabilly, Jump, and Swing from the fourties and the fifties, along with artsits from today, and original material you just can't get out of your head.

The swinging rhythm section of Richie Mola on drums, and Kenny Z on bass lays down a foundation that is guaranteed to get your inner "Lindy Hopper" moving while the inter-twining guitars of Greggor Lee and Stingray keep the music flying and open for the sometimes sultry, sometimes raucous vocals of the dynamic and beautiful Chrystine to soar above.

With a repertoire of familiar tunes from artists like Louis Jordan, Wanda Jackson, Brian Setzer, Keely Smith, and Louis Prima, and an ever growing list of original material, this band is sure to keep the joint jumping.

Do yourself a favor and run away with The Mighty Flea Circus next time they stop into your town.

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For booking information, comments, questions, or you just want to drop us line and say, "Hi!".